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The Book Man

The Book Man

They are green as can be and now The Book Man has offset their carbon footprint with us!

This eco-conscious used bookstore located in Chilliwack, British Columbia added this key environmental accomplishment to their growing list of green initiatives in September 2009 and has offset annually with us ever since (aside from a temporary break in 2011 while they opened their second store location in Abbotsford). To date the partnership, which is based on the emissions from the electricity use and natural gas heating of the store (and most recently gasoline use from their vehicles), has resulted in 36 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions being offset.  In turn, this translates to the planting and care of more than 108 trees growing in Dad's Forest.

They are family run, locally owned and operated business just like The Carbon Farmer and their passion for the environment is utterly inspiring. Co-owner and manager, Amber Short believes "We each must make the decision to create the world that we want to live in."

They certainly live by that motto and they have even been featured as a LiveSmart Community Hero. The concept of a used bookstore is in itself a recycling program, but they don't stop there. No useable book is left behind and those that are still readable are donated to local initiatives such as the Chilliwack Rotary Club and the Book Bin Project, as part of the Early Community Literacy Program.  Others are placed in public places such as city buses and waiting rooms to promote reading. And finally, those that cannot be donated are recycled and get turned into paper for a new use. Other recent operational initiatives include a reward system for customers who use reusable bags and the elimination of paper towels from the store's washrooms. All of this is possible because of the choices and efforts of Amber and her caring staff of fourteen.

Of their most recent green partnership with us at The Carbon Farmer, Amber adds that, "We at The Book Man are proud to be taking responsibility for our carbon footprint, and are so grateful to have found such a caring, conscientious company to make this possible."

The Book Man is currently the second largest used bookstore in their home province of British Columbia and have approximately half a million beautifully organized titles in a 5,000 square foot store.  Experience the unparalleled service and commitment to the environment, quality and organization that sets The Book Man apart from the vast majority of used bookstores by visiting them in person or online today.

The partnership with us has already paid dividends in terms of local media coverage including a feature story in the Chilliwack Times and acting as a key consideration in their Green Excellence - Retail award win, which they received from the City of Chilliwack and the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce in 2010. That same year they placed second in the entire province of British Columbia for the Business Improvement Association's Green Awards!

Take a page out of the book of this amazing green business and Create Your Forest today!

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